a time for peace

– standing against occupation

Pat Woods

I am an ELCA pastor, who, while between calls, is taking a sabbatical, and spending 3 months in Israel/Palestine with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), sharing life on the occupied West Bank, and working for peace and an end of the Israeli occupation with Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers.
For those who have supported this time of unusual service with prayer and financial gifts, I hope to use this blog to include all of you on this practical, yet spiritual, pilgrimage into the purpose of God to reconcile all people, everywhere, with God and with one another. Please feel free to join the conversation on the journey!


  1. Pastor Pat-
    Thank you for sharing this with us. I’ve missed you these past 6 months, but know that the Holy Spirit led you where you truly need to be for this time.

    love and peace~

    Comment by Lori Bedwell | September 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. Pr. Pat; You’r teaching us more every day; it is most interesting about the olive harvest, unfortunately there is always a sad side to everything there it seems. I think you will come home with a lifetime of teaching material. Almost 2/3 of your trip is spent. You are missed greatly, but love the correspondence. Love and many prayers for your mision and safety. Pat F.

    Comment by Pat F. | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. Pr. Pat,
    I like you was an accompanier in the West Bank. Are you available to speak when you return?
    Meg K

    Comment by Meg Kiekhaefer | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hi Pastor Pat!
    Long time no see . . . how are you doing? You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers frequently, and I greatly admire all the good work you continue to do so selflessly and bravely in His name.

    You are missed deeply, in many ways, by many, me being just one.

    I wish you traveling mercies and a safe return home.


    Comment by Kat Dodd | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  5. Hi Pat,
    Hen forwarded this to me. Long time no see. It looks like you are up to doing some wonderful work. I’ll have to follow your website to keep up to date. I hope all goes well & will be thinking thoughts of peace. You are walking the talk. I’m proud to know you. Keep up the wonderful work. Love, Jan

    Comment by Jan Prieto-McCarthy | October 21, 2009 | Reply

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